Contact Us

For more information about the fair, or for anyone interested in volunteering, please email us at or we can reached through our facebook page.

The Waltham Fair Committee

  • Tina Morris – Chair
  • Anna Fairhead – Treasurer
  • Roy Fellows – Stalls
  • Simon Yates – Committee Member
  • Kerry Mota – Committee Member
  • Claudine Baxter – Committee Member
  • James Granger – Committee Member
  • Matthew Wrisdale – Committee Member

New members or volunteers are always very welcome and may mean we could do more things where we are currently restricted.   We like to think we are a friendly bunch and usually meet in the pub!  Speak to any member of the committee about helping out or to feed in your ideas or support, email these through to us on, or message us or post on our facebook page.

Meeting minutes or accounts are available upon request.